This is how power napping works!

With a power nap at midday, we can recharge our batteries for the rest of the day in just a few minutes. Find out why the short nap improves our performance and how to implement the short nap properly here.

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      1. Fatigue during the day
      2. What is a power nap?
      3. How power napping works
      4. The Power Nap Guide
      5. Conclusion

      Daytime fatigue

      Rest is important for body and mind, therefore nightly sleep is the most important basis for our health, our performance and our well-being. More and more people are sleeping too little and according to studies, one in two Germans complains of problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night. The tiredness during the day is usually not long in coming and shows itself particularly strongly in the famous "midday slump". Time for a power nap!

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      What is a power nap?

      The power nap is a short sleep to recharge your batteries. However, it is not really sleeping, but rather a short nap. Experts believe that a maximum of half an hour is the optimal duration for a restful short nap. If you master the technique of power napping, you'll feel fresh and rested afterwards. This is because the short sleep at midday can partially compensate for a lack of sleep at night and help to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and lift your mood. In this way, new energy can be gathered and the midday performance slump can be overcome. And in the long run, regular power napping also makes us more refreshed and demonstrably less prone to illness. But watch out! All this only works if a few rules are followed and the short nap does not turn into a solid midday nap.

      How power napping works

      #1 The right environment

      Actually, a power nap can be taken anywhere. However, due to the shortness of sleep time, the right sleeping environment is quite helpful to fall asleep quickly and to be able to use the limited rest time effectively. Therefore, it is best to choose a quiet, undisturbed place with a pleasant temperature. Also, find a comfortable lying or sitting sleeping position that allows you to rest your head and relax your body.

      #2 The optimal duration

      In a nutshell, experts say the perfect length of time for a power nap is between 10 and 30 minutes. What time is ideal for you personally, you should simply test in practice. However, if we sleep longer than 30 minutes, we slowly slip into deeper stages of sleep and may wake up tired and less refreshed. To make the nap worthwhile, a short sleep duration followed by a quick wake-up (without the snooze button!) is therefore recommended.

      #3 Quick relaxation

      Falling asleep can be a challenge even when power napping, but it is precisely because of the short sleep duration that quick relaxation is required! Therefore, try to consciously calm down and clear your mind. Various techniques or breathing exercises can help you relax quickly and your diet can also influence falling asleep, as you can read here.

      The Power Nap Guide


      • With the right technique, a power nap brings new energy, reduces stress and has a positive effect on your health and well-being in both the short and long term.

      • A suitable sleeping environment promotes the effectiveness of short naps. The best place is a quiet, undisturbed place with a pleasant temperature and a comfortable sleeping position that allows you to rest your head while lying down or sitting up.

      • The optimal duration for a power nap is between 10 and 30 minutes. This is important to avoid awakening from a deep sleep phase (30 - 45 minutes of sleep or more) and to ensure that the Power Nap retains its effect.

      • Use relaxation techniques or breathing exercises to calm down before the nap and fall asleep faster.

      Best wishes and see you soon!

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