Quick Guide: 10 steps to healthy sleep

Good sleep is essential for daily life and a healthy future. With these tips from the World Sleep Society, you can help your body get a good night's sleep so you can stay healthy and productive.

10 steps to healthy sleep

as recommended by the World Sleep Society

#1 Maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle.
#2 If you need a nap, sleep no longer than 45 minutes.
#3 Avoid high alcohol consumption from 4 hours before sleep and do not smoke.
#4 Avoid caffeinated drinks and foods from 6 hours before sleep.
#5 Do not eat heavy, spicy and high-sugar foods from 4 hours before sleep.
#6 Exercise regularly, but not right before bedtime.
#7 Use comfortable bedding and an inviting sleeping environment.
#8 Ensure a comfortable room temperature and good ventilation.
#9 Eliminate all distracting noise and light sources if possible.
#10 Use your bed exclusively for sleeping.

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