The perfect sleep hygiene

Every day, our sleep forms one of the most important foundations for our well-being and health. With the right sleep hygiene you can support your body to sleep better and optimally at night regenerate. Here you can find out how you can promote your sleep in the long term and what constitutes good sleep hygiene.

Table of Contents

      1. The right sleep hygiene
      2. Building blocks of good sleep hygiene
        1. The ideal sleeping environment
        2. The optimal sleep routine
        3. The right diet in the evening
        4. Relaxation
        5. Activity & movement in everyday life
      3. Conclusion

      1. Proper sleep hygiene

      Sleep is essential for us and rightly plays an important role, because it forms the central regeneration period for our body and especially for our brain.

      During sleep, energy stores are replenished, growth hormones are released, cells are repaired and renewed, the immune system is strengthened and much more. But even though we spend so much of our lives asleep, it's not always easy to wake up truly rested and refreshed. Restful sleep is of great importance so that the numerous essential regeneration processes can run optimally night after night and we can gather enough energy for the next day. The duration and quality of our nocturnal rest phase are particularly decisive for a "really good sleep" and a healthy, productive everyday life.

      2. Building blocks of good sleep hygiene

      Sleep hygiene refers to the interaction of various rules and methods to make sleep more restful and to improve its quality in the long term. Perfect sleep hygiene comprises 5 crucial building blocks.

      5 Bausteine der perfekten Schlafhygiene

      #1 The ideal sleeping environment

      Bausteine der guten Schlafhygiene: Die richtige SchlafumgebungWhere and under what conditions we sleep at night has a crucial impact on the quality of sleep. Particularly unfamiliar and external circumstances can promote sleep disorders and lead to us waking up again and again at night or not even being able to get a restful sleep.

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      #2 The optimal sleep routineBausteine der guten Schlafhygiene: Die gute Schlafroutine

      People are "creatures of habit" and also adapt to a certain rhythm when it comes to sleep. The right sleep routine can make it easier to fall asleep and help promote restful sleep over the long term.

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      #3 Proper nutrition in the evening

      Bausteine der guten Schlafhygiene: Die richtige Ernährung am Abend

      How, what and when we eat has a major impact on our sleep patterns. The wrong eating habits and certain nutrients not only make it difficult to fall asleep easily, but also to stay asleep peacefully. The right diet, on the other hand, can have a positive effect on your sleep.

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      #4 Relaxation

      Bausteine der guten Schlafhygiene: Entspannung vor dem Schlafen

      Stress and a lack of relaxation before going to bed ensure that sleep and the much-needed regeneration are disrupted and the body cannot recover sufficiently. Switching off and calming down before going to bed is therefore an important prerequisite for a good night's sleep. Targeted relaxation also supports falling asleep and optimally prepares you for regeneration.

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      #5 Activity and movement in everyday life

      Bausteine der guten Schlafhygiene: Bewegung, Sport & Aktivität im Alltag

      Sleep promotes regeneration and athletic performance, while regular exercise in turn can improve sleep quality and falling asleep. Regular activity and sufficient exercise are therefore important factors for restful sleep.

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      3. Conclusion

      With the right sleep hygiene, you can help your body to regenerate optimally at night and prevent sleep disorders such as problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Because good sleep does not come about by chance and forms one of the most important foundations for our well-being and health every day.

      Watch out! Everyone is different, so it's important to tailor your sleep hygiene to your own needs to get the most out of your night. In order to have a lasting positive influence on sleep, it is of course advisable to deal with the rules of good sleep hygiene in the long term and, ideally, to integrate them into your everyday life in the long term.

      Greetings and see you soon!

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