Fit and happy through the fall - 5 recommendations for you

Tired, listless and listless? Forget it! We have 5 recommendations on how to get fit and happy through the fall and how to avoid the low spirits in the cold seasons.

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      1. Low mood in autumn
      2. 5 recommendations for you
      3. Conclusion

      Low mood in autumn

      The warming rays of the sun have gone, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cold and wet - so it's no wonder that our spirits and motivation drop with the temperatures in autumn. The increasing lack of light also ensures that our body produces less and less vitamin D and serotonin and, in return, produces an excess of the sleep hormone melatonin. This reduces feelings of happiness and makes us tired, listless and listless.

      The bad mood in autumn is therefore biologically justified, but also a question of personal attitude. Here are 5 recommendations on how to get fit and happy through the fall and leave the famous autumn blues behind!

      Our 5 recommendations for you

      #1 Eat healthily and provide the body with tryptophan and vitamins

      A balanced diet rich in vitamins promotes physical health and can have a positive effect on our mood. The amino acid tryptophan, which we ingest exclusively through food, is an important serotonin building block and is required by the body for the formation of the happiness hormone. Healthy carbohydrates provide additional energy, and spicy foods such as ginger or chili have a stimulating effect and warm you up from the inside, even on cold days.

      Our recommendation: Eat foods with a high tryptophan content, such as cheese, nuts, soybeans or dried fruit, and combine them with vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables and healthy carbohydrates from whole grains, cereals or legumes.

      #2 Move in daylight and in fresh air

      It doesn't matter whether it's endurance sports or a leisurely walk - any kind of exercise in the fresh air gets the circulation going and stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the body. This keeps us fit, promotes health and, especially in the current times, means a break from stressful everyday life or working in the home office.

      Our recommendation: Use the remaining daylight effectively and create an active balance for body and soul with long walks in the fresh air.

      #3 Finding the right balance of activity and relaxation

      Anyone who is active and keeps moving should, on the other hand, also take time for relaxation and recreation and give your body and soul a break. A good night's sleep and conscious recovery phases slow down on stressful and uncomfortable days and are the source of new energy and motivation that protect us against tiredness and gloomy thoughts in autumn.

      Our recommendation: Take a break, recharge your batteries and have a good time - whether it's a large portion of soul food, a hot bath or your favorite series in the evening.

      #4 Improve the mood with color accents

      In autumn, nature loses its colorful vitality and an orange-red autumn landscape is usually followed by a dark, cloudy and colorless appearance. People react, often subconsciously, very sensitively to colors. This perception can have a major impact on our state of mind and well-being. Bright, radiant and warm colors such as yellow, orange and red have an invigorating effect and lift the mood, while shades of green are said to have a calming effect.

      Our recommendation: Be bold and set color accents Fresh fruit, such as tangerines and oranges, shine in bright colors and are also perfect sources of vitamins for the wintertime.

      #5 Right now: consciously maintain social contacts

      The current circumstances do not make it easy for us to stay in touch with our families, friends and acquaintances. Numerous studies have already proven that social contacts and exchange with others in particular have a positive effect on our health. Friendships, family ties, and social interactions reduce stress, promote well-being, and take our minds off things. When it's uncomfortable and moody outside, sharing time and laughing together can soothe the spirit and lift your spirits.

      Our recommendation: Especially in these difficult times, keep in touch and cultivate friendships, because social communication and exchange via telephone and internet also ensure a good mood.


      • A balanced diet and foods with a high tryptophan content provide energy and promote the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin
      • Exercise in daylight and in the fresh air has a positive effect on health and well-being
      • A healthy balance between activity and relaxation helps to gather new energy
      • Bright, luminous color accents in yellow and orange enhance and enliven the mood
      • Social contacts promote well-being, reduce stress and have a positive effect on health

      Stay safe and sound :)

      Greetings and see you soon!


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