smartsleep® in GAMING

In Germany alone, over 34 million people play video games regularly. But every 6th gamer goes to sleep later than planned. Sleep is important for our physical and mental performance. smartsleep® was developed especially for the night and provides you with selected nutrients after gaming so that you can recharge your batteries.


As an official product and competence partner of the eSports Player Foundation we support talents in professional eSports.



Your body recovers during sleep. smartsleep®-products have therefore been specially developed for the night and provide you with important nutrients when it counts. Take it!


Take a break! Take a break and recharge your batteries. Make sure you have long enough breaks between your gaming sessions. 7-8 hours of sleep per night will help you to be fully operational again the next day.


Gaming requires numerous skills. For this you need full concentration and performance. Regular recovery phases are therefore very important, so that our body can relax and recover for a short time.

Sleeping tips for gamers

Sleep routine

A regular sleep-wake rhythm

At least during the week you should go to bed at similar times and get up at similar times so that your body gets used to a regulated structure.

Avoid stress in the evening

Especially exciting gaming sessions with a high "Thrill Factor" increase the activation of our nervous system (stress) and can prevent us from falling asleep. Before going to bed, a relaxed routine should therefore be consciously introduced - for example, through the tried and tested night-time reading.

Sleeping environment


A quiet and dark room is the perfect sleeping environment. All screens and light sources should be turned off during sleep.


Rather cool temperatures (around 18° C) and a good supply of oxygen (air out before sleeping) promote sleep.

Nutrition in the evening

Light and balanced eating

High-fat meals before bedtime strongly stimulate digestion and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol in the evening

Foods containing caffeine should be taboo for 3-4 hours before going to bed, because caffeine stimulates the nervous system and prevents you from falling asleep or sleeping through the night. Alcohol has a short-term calming effect, but during the night, decomposition products are produced which can disturb sleep.


We were there. At the world's largest gaming trade fair, we were able to talk to numerous eSports enthusiasts and gamers about the topic of regeneration. Among the participants: Twitch legend & smartsleep® - user Jens Knossalla alias Knossi.

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