smartsleep® ORIGINAL

smartsleep® ORIGINAL is an innovative nutrient complex from the field of sleep research, which was developed especially for the night. To reduce fatigue and tiredness during the day (riboflavin).

The nutrient complex for the night
Slept in?

Every person spends a third of his life in sleep – and for good reason. Our sleep forms an essential basis for our performance, our well-being and our appearance. During the night, numerous physiological processes ensure the recovery of body and mind and gather new energy for the following day.

Wake up more awake
From sleep research. For you.

smartsleep® was developed especially for the night. The ingredients contained in smartsleep® ORIGINAL support your regeneration during the night*. The combination of selected vitamins, amino acids and minerals supplies your body at the crucial time and also contributes to a healthy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with smartsleep®.

smartsleep® has been tested independently by 200 people in 2019. We were very pleased with the result:

9 out of 10 people would recommend smartsleep® to others.

What's in it?

smartsleep® - chewable tablets (2 pcs.)
Some components of smartsleep® cannot be stored in liquids as they would lose their effect. Therefore, we have developed special chewable tablets that allow an easy and tasty absorption of the creatine &ash; in the fresh taste of citrus-lemongrass!

smartsleep® - Drinking ampoule (25ml)
The second part of the smartsleep®-formulation consists of a liquid nutrient mix that you can take in one sip. The liquid is slightly thicker than water and also tastes of citrus lemongrass.

smartsleep® works so simply


Simply take the two citrus-flavored smartsleep chewable tablets and the liquid 5-10 minutes before bedtime.


Go to bed and sleep soon.


Wake up and start the day. Among other nutrients, the riboflavin contained in the product helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness.