Our promise

Shake on it!

We want to make you happy with our products. Therefore we make the highest demands on our products and our service. We pay attention to high quality standards and are constantly developing ourselves further to become even better. So that you are satisfied with us - and stay satisfied.

Our promise to you

Quality standards

Highest quality standards are our top priority. Therefore, we develop all products with experienced experts and produce 100% in Germany.


For reasons of quality and durability, we depend on packaging that is impermeable to light and oxygen - but we already use 100% recyclable material. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to be able to do without plastic completely in the future.

Customer Service

We're not satisfied until you are. The ideas, the feedback and the success of our customers are our motivation. Do you have questions, complaints or suggestions? Contact us at any time, we are happy to help you!

Our commitment to clean sport!

All our smartsleep® products have been tested for banned substances and are on the list of products with minimized doping risk www.koelnerliste.com. This listing is an initiative for doping prevention and lists dietary supplements (NEM) that have been tested for selected doping substances by a laboratory that is a world leader in NEM analysis of doping substances. As a partner of this initiative we ensure more transparency in a very heterogeneous market and support athletes, teams, clubs and associations in the assessment of these products.