Wie funktioniert der Winterschlaf?

How does hibernation work?

In the cold, dark season, many people suffer from fatigue, listlessness and sleep disorders. But why don't people actually hibernate? Here you can ...

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Unsere Stimmung & der Schlaf

Our mood & the sleep

Tiredness, nervousness and tension - bad or too little sleep not only harms our health, but can also have a decisive influence on our mood. How sle...

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Duft & Schlaf

Scent & Sleep

Aroma and scent therapies are considered an effective method against stress, lack of relaxation and sleep disorders. Find out how certain scents af...

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Unsere Haut im Schlaf

Our skin while we sleep

During the day, the skin protects our body from harmful environmental influences and determines our external appearance. At night, it regenerates a...

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Koffein - Eigenschaften und Wirkung auf Psyche, Körper und Schlaf im Überblick

The stimulant caffeine

The stimulant caffeine is a well-known remedy against fatigue and concentration problems. What effect caffeine has on our body, how it has a lastin...

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Gesunder Schlafrhythmus trotz Zeitumstellung, Jetlag, Nachtschicht

The ideal sleep rhythm

A regular sleep rhythm promotes healthy sleep and prevents sleep disorders. Time changes, night work or long-distance travel can disrupt sleep patt...

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Aminosäuren gegen Schlafstörungen: Tryptophan, Arginin, Glycin für guten Schlaf

Amino Acids & Sleep

Amino acids, as the basic building blocks of proteins, are involved in almost all biological processes in our body and can also have a decisive inf...

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