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Far too little sleep. And a well-rested idea.

Once upon a time. To be precise in 2004. smartsleep founder Dr. Markus Dworak was looking for an exciting topic for his doctoral thesis after graduating from university. The neuroscience interested Markus for a long time and his professor suggested him to do research on the topic "SLEEP". After the initial thought that this could become very tiring, he became so fascinated by the topic that he spent years researching it. For example about why we have to sleep every day and which factors are important for our recovery during sleep. Markus reached his research peak as a scholarship holder at the renowned Harvard University in the USA and with the award of the Young Investigator Award of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine.

Despite his research successes, nothing changed the fact that Markus himself, through his job, family and many hobbies, always missed out on sleep. So he set out to find a solution to the fatigue and lack of recovery - and developed the novel idea of a nutrient cocktail especially for the night.

From the idea to the product

No one can hold an idea in their hands. Therefore Markus went straight to work to create a perfect, consumer-friendly product.

Together with the design & brand experts Daniel Matthieu and Burk J. Ulrich, Markus tinkered with a perfect product, the optimal packaging and a strong brand, which should offer people worldwide an innovative solution for the night. In 2015, Daniel, Burk and Markus finally founded Smart Sleep GmbH, laying the foundation for a well-rested and successful future.

Once through the lion's den

On 18.09.2018 the time had come. We appeared before the "Lion's Den" jury and convinced all five investors of our merits. The biggest deal in broadcasting history so far went to smartsleep! We have used this to improve ourselves further - because the best confession is when you are satisfied with our products. That is our highest claim and motivation!

What we stand for


Innovation and quality are our top priority. Therefore we develop all products with experienced experts and established producers.

Quality standards

Highest quality standards are our top priority. All our products are 100% produced in Germany under the highest standards and are free of prohibited substances and doping.


For reasons of quality and durability, we depend on packaging that is impermeable to light and oxygen - but we already use 100% recyclable material. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to be able to do without plastic completely in the future.

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