smartsleep® BEAUTY

The innovative beauty drink from sleep research, which was developed especially for the night and provides your skin, hair and nails with the right nutrients.

For your natural beauty from within
Nutrients when your body needs them

Every day, our skin, hair and nails take over numerous important functions of the body and provide reliable protection against heat, light, infections and injuries. External influences such as UV radiation or make-up place additional stress on the skin. In addition to their importance for physical health, hair, skin and nails also determine our external appearance. The health and beauty of our body are therefore directly related. During the night, when we rest, skin, hair, nails and connective tissue regenerate and need important nutrients for optimal recovery and a healthy appearance the next day.

From sleep research & specially designed for the night!
For your beauty

smartsleep® BEAUTY provides you with essential nutrients while you sleep and supports your organism in strengthening your skin, hair and nails in the long term and maintaining a healthy and radiant appearance. The nutrient complex of amino acids, vitamins and minerals with high-quality collagen hydrolysate and hyaluronic acid contributes to the healthy functioning of your skin, hair, nails and connective tissue - for a radiant awakening.

Our skin

Did you know? The skin is the largest organ of the body and consists mainly of collagen and hyaluronic acid. These substances regulate its firmness, elasticity and moisture. With age, the metabolism and the body's own production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin and connective tissue slows down - this leads to a loss of elasticity and wrinkles can develop. The additional intake of these essential substances can improve the skin's appearance in the long term.

What's in it?

smartsleep® - Drinking ampoule (25ml) The
smartsleep® BEAUTY - formula consists of a liquid nutrient mix that you can take in one sip and tastes like Orange-Tropical.


More skin moisture

up to 72 % *

Very good tolerability
More skin elasticity

up to 22 % *

smartsleep® BEAUTY was tested in an independent scientific dermatological study. After only 6 weeks of daily use, measurable results in skin elasticity and skin moisture could already be seen.

*Dermatest, clinical application study 2020 with 20 test persons. The reported values show the highest indicated readings (rounded off) after 6 weeks of daily use.