smartsleep® BEAUTY

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The first beauty nutrient complex for your beauty sleep! smartsleep® BEAUTY provides you with important beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements during the night. Among others, vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, biotin, zinc, copper and selenium support your skin, connective tissue, hair and nails - for a radiant awakening in the morning. Available in the 7-week pack and the 28-month pack.

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smartsleep BEAUTY is the first beauty drink that has been specially developed for the night. With collagen, hyaluronic acid, zinc, biotin and other important beauty nutrients. For more beautiful skin, hair and nails.
Nutrient composition per serving (25 ml)
Hyaluronic acid 20 mg -
Collagen hydrolysate 2800 mg -
vitamin A 560 μg 70 % NRV*
Vitamin E 9.0 mg 75 % NRV*
Vitamin C 80.0 mg 100% NRV*
Vitamin B2 0.6 mg 43% NRV
Niacin 10 mg 63% NRV
Biotin 60.0 μg 120% NRV*
Magnesium 200 mg 53% NRV*
Zinc 10.0 mg 100% NRV*
Copper 0.30 mg 30% NRV*
Selenium 50.0 μg 91% NRV*
L-Arginine 500 mg -
L-lysine 500 mg -
L-Glycine 1000 mg -

*NRV=% nutrient reference values, D/AT: according to VO (EU) 1169/2011, CH: according to the regulation of the EDI on special foods.

Water, collagen hydrolysate (10%; origin: fish), acidifier (citric acid), L-glycine, magnesium carbonate, orange juice concentrate (2.5%), lemon juice concentrate, L-lysine hydrochloride, L-arginine, flavoring, L-ascorbic acid, sodium hyaluronate, zinc gluconate, preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), coloring food (concentrate of safflower), emulsifier (polysorbate 40, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate, nicotinamide, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), retinyl palmitate, copper gluconate, riboflavin, colourant (anthocyanins), sodium selenate, D-biotin.

One daily unit consists of one ampoule with 25ml liquid. Drink the liquid from the ampoule about 5-10 minutes before going to bed, then go to bed promptly and sleep. The product has a pleasant orange-tropical taste.

To support the regeneration and maintenance of skin, hair and nails in the long term, we recommend a daily long-term intake over a few weeks.

For your natural beauty from within

The new beauty sleep

Every day, our skin, hair and nails take over numerous important functions of the body and reliably protect against heat, light, infections and injuries. External influences such as UV radiation or make-up place additional stress on the skin. In addition to their importance for physical health, hair, skin and nails also determine our external appearance. The health and beauty of our body are therefore directly related. At night, when we come to rest, skin, hair, nails and connective tissue regenerate and need important nutrients for optimal recovery and a healthy appearance the next day.

From sleep research. Especially for the night.

Support skin, hair and nails

The skin consists largely of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which regulate its firmness, elasticity and moisture. smartsleep BEAUTY provides you with a combination of high-quality collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid and essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals while you sleep to strengthen your skin, hair and nails in the long term and maintain a healthy and radiant appearance.

Dermatologically tested

smartsleep® BEAUTY was tested in an independent scientific dermatological study. After only 6 weeks of daily use, measurable results in skin hydration and skin elasticity were already observed.**

What distinguishes our product

We focus on the highest quality and use only high-quality ingredients and sustainably sourced collagen of marine origin. Our BEAUTY is 100% produced in Germany under controlled conditions and is also low in sugar, gluten & lactose free.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Tanja König

smartsleep® BEAUTY 28er-Packung

Sonja Wiegand
Alles bestens!:)

Nach wie vor sehr zufrieden. Die Produkte vertrage ich gut und sie helfen mir nach wie vor schneller einzuschlafen und erholter aufzuwachen.:)

Gerhard Furer
Sehr gutes Produkt

Ich muss noch genau schauen, welches der Produkte für meinen Körper und meinen benötigten Schlaf das Beste ist. Jedenfalls funktioniert es sehr gut.


Ich habe vor einige Zeit schon mal das orginal Smartsleep ausprobiert und fand es gut. Es hat mir tatsächlich geholfen, nach einer kurzen Nacht besser aus dem Bett zu kommen. Allerdings kam das große Tief dann irgendwann in der Mittagszeit. Schlaf lässt sich eben nicht ersetzen. Nun habe ich 9 Tage Smartsleep Beauty genommen und muss sagen, dass mein Hautbild deutlich frischer ausschaut. Ich mag den Geschmack nicht sonderlich, aber es lässt sich runterkippen. Das Ergebnis mag ich dafür umso mehr. Frischere Haut, weniger Unreinheiten, weniger Augenringe. Ich werde es wieder kaufen!

Jörg Lachmund

Ich habe bisher alle smart Sleep Produkte ausprobiert und bin sehr zufrieden damit ! Kann damit sehr gut einschlafen und am nächsten Morgen bin ich fit !

*Vitamin A, niacin, biotin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. Zinc & selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails. Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for normal skin function and protects cells from oxidative stress. Riboflavin contributes to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue.

**Dermatest, 2020 clinical application study with 20 subjects. Values shown are the highest indicated readings (rounded down) after 6 weeks of daily use.