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smartsleep® ORIGINAL is the innovative nutrient mix for the night. Developed from sleep research. To reduce tiredness and fatigue during the day.

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smartsleep® ORIGINAL - Wake up and start the day well. Our ORIGINAL provides you with important nutrients for the night. Awarded with the German Innovation Award 2020 and known from the TV founder show "The Lion's Den".
Nutrient composition per serving (25 ml & 2 chewable tablets)
Vitamin C 80.0 mg 100 % NRV*
0.55 mg 50 % NRV*
0.70 mg 50 % NRV*
12.0 mg 75 % NRV*
Vitamin B6
1.6 mg

115 % NRV*

57.6 ug 115 % NRV*
Pantothenic Acid
4.8 mg 80 % NRV*
Magnesium 250 mg 67 % NRV*
Zinc 10 mg 100 % NRV*
L-Glycine 2.0 g -
Creatine 1800 mg -

*NRV=% nutrient reference values, D/AT: according to VO (EU) 1169/2011, CH: according to the regulation of the EDI on special foods.

Liquid: Water, L-glycine, magnesium lactate, magnesium citrate, acidifier citric acid, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), acidity regulator magnesium hydroxide, flavouring, lemon juice concentrate 0.5%, zinc gluconate, preservative potassium sorbate, calcium D-pantothenate, sweeteners steviol glycosides, cyclamate, acesulfame K, saccharin; Nicotinamide, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate), D-biotin
Chewable tablet: Creatine monohydrate (51.25%), bulking agent sorbitol, vegetable fat (fully hydrogenated, origin canola), starch, flavor, acidifier citric acid, anti-caking agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, sweetener sucralose.

One daily unit consists of one ampoule with 25ml liquid and two chewable tablets, which can be found in the lid of the ampoule. Simply chew and swallow the two citrus-flavoured chewable tablets from the lid about 5-10 minutes before going to bed. Then drink the liquid from the ampoule and go to sleep promptly.

smartsleep® ORIGINAL is used as needed once or repeatedly.

Why good sleep is so important

We sleep just under a third of our lives - for good reason! Sleep is the central regeneration period for our body and brain. During sleep, numerous essential processes ensure that we wake up refreshed and start a healthy everyday life.

Wake up more awake

From sleep research. For you.

smartsleep® was developed especially for the night. The ingredients contained in smartsleep® ORIGINAL support your regeneration during the night*. The combination of selected vitamins, amino acids and minerals supplies your body at the crucial time and also contributes to a healthy metabolism and the reduction of fatigue and fatigue.

What distinguishes our product

We only use high-quality ingredients and produce 100% under controlled conditions in Germany. Our ORIGINAL is vegan as well as sugar-, gluten- & lactose-free and supports your sleep without any habituation effect.

9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with smartsleep®.

smartsleep® was independently tested on 200 people in 2019. We were very pleased with the results:

9 out of 10 people would recommend smartsleep® to others.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 487 reviews

Service is all fine, on my side it seems to improve sleep quality or help to get a good sleep for a short night.

Sabine Erlwein-kaltenbacher
Weiss noch nicht

Das von mir bestellte smartsleep original kam schnell, war super verpackt und hat eine schöne hochwertige Verpackung.
Auch Informationen. Auf Nachfrage wegen Unsicherheiten wurde prompt geantwortet. Vielen Dank nochmal an dieser Stelle.
Ich habe es jetzt 4 Tage getestet und konnte bisher nur eine geringe Besserung feststellen. Ich habe immer noch das Problem, daß ich schlecht einschlafe und nicht durchschlafen kann. Ich versuche es aber weiterhin. 24 Tage habe ich ja noch...

Cameron Urquhart
Great Products

Great Products and Great customer service

Jan Zieglam
Schon mehrmals den Schlaf gerettet

Wenn man weiß, dass man in der kommenden Nacht nicht viel Schlaf bekommen kann, dann hilft SmartSleep, dass man trotzdem am nächsten Morgen erholt aufwachen kann!
Klare Empfehlung von mir!


Bin sehr zufrieden!!

*Riboflavin, niacin as well as magnesium contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function. Thiamine, biotin and niacin contribute to a normal energy metabolism. Magnesium, biotin and vitamin B6 contribute to normal mental function.