smart® SOFT PILLOW filling material (PrimaLoft® Bio™) – 300g

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Discover unique sleeping comfort with the highest sustainability and quality!

The innovative PrimaLoft® Bio™ fiber is the world's first synthetic fabric made from 100% biodegradable recycled fibers and gives the smart® SOFT PILLOW down-like properties and high durability. The practical refill bag contains 300 g of filling material with which the filling quantity of the smart® SOFT PILLOW can be individually regulated. By adding or removing the pillow filling, the pillow height and support can be adjusted to your own needs and the perfect pillow can be created for a sleep like sleeping on clouds.

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smart® SOFT PILLOW filling material (PrimaLoft® Bio™)

Innovative & sustainable materials
The high-quality filling consists of the unique PrimaLoft® Bio™ fiber, the world's first synthetic fabric made from 100% biodegradable recycled fibers and gives the SOFT PILLOW down-like properties and a high level of longevity.

Individually adjustable filling quantity for different sleeping needs
Thanks to the integrated zipper and the practical refill bag, the filling quantity can be varied as desired. By adding or removing the pillow filling, the pillow height and support can be adjusted to suit your individual sleeping needs.

Durable and ideal for allergy sufferers
The synthetic filling material is sustainable, vegan and extremely durable. With a high resistance to mites and germs, it is ideal for allergy sufferers and is free of harmful substances and certified with the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

Size, dimensions & weight
Refill bag: 45 x 30 x 10 cm
Fill quantity: 300 g

Scope of delivery: refill bag
Cotton bag incl. 300 g filling material made of PrimaLoft® Bio™ fiber

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Soft. Sustainable. Fair.

The smart® SOFT PILLOW with high-quality PrimaLoft® Bio filling offers an ultra soft but supportive surface to rest on. The unique filling fabric made from biodegradable recycled fibers is breathable and thermoregulating and gives the SOFT PILLOW down-like properties. For a comfortable sleep with a clear conscience.

From PET bottles to soft microfibers

The high-quality pillow filling is made from 100% collected plastic bottles, which are first shredded into small chips and processed into the insulating "Primaloft®
Organic" fabric in a complex melting process. The result is a fluffy microfiber that resembles the popular down and guarantees that the head sinks gently.

For clean oceans...

More than 10 million tons of plastic wash into our oceans every year. The innovative filling of our pillows is made from recycled plastic (PET) and is 100% biodegradable due to the special fiber composition. In this way, we make an important contribution to clean seas and the reuse of raw materials and do not have to forego the high quality and durability of the materials.

... and happy animals

Goose down is very popular as a pillow filling because it is very soft and insulates heat well. Down is often taken directly from live animals (live plucking) or obtained as a by-product in slaughterhouses, where animal welfare comes first. That's why we consciously rely on innovative synthetic fibers that are in no way inferior to the properties of down and are produced vegan and sustainably in a low-CO2 emission production process.

You can regulate the cushion height and support force yourself through the filling

Individual sleeping comfort

Soft support

With less filling, the SOFT PILLOW has a lower height and the head sinks into it particularly nicely. This is recommended for stomach sleepers and smaller people.

Medium support

If you remove a small amount of filling, the pillow becomes a little softer and flatter. It is therefore well suited for people of medium height and who change sleeping positions.

Firm support

With the amount of filling it originally contains, the pillow provides particularly good support. This is particularly recommended for side sleepers and taller and heavier people.